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First ejection test of Sarmat ICBM

First ejection test of Sarmat ICBM

update - as wrote MilitaryRussia.Ru this is not Sarmat - this is UR-100UTTkH - you can see note about this at MilitaryRussia

In december of 2017 at Plesetsk missiles test center was first ejection test of Sarmat large liquide ICBM. Designarion of this ICBM in Russia is "128 complex" or missile 15A28. Main developer is Makeev State Rocket Center (at Miass, Ural).

Russian ecologists have completed a full cycle of work on reclamation and restoration of nature in the place where the first Sarmat ICBM down.

Stage of Sarmat ICBM, december 2017 (ecologists site)

Mi-8 of ecoligists group at the place of Sarmat ICBM test, december 2017 (ecologists site)

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  1. Это нифига не походит на ступень ракеты, но скорее - на какую-то ёмкость, приготовленную под утилизацию в металлолом - в ней квадратные дырки прорезали. Ну а потом соляры плеснули и пару покрышек, чтобы дым почернее был. Халтура!


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